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Digital Presence for Businesses and Shops

Create a Compelling Online Presence:

Design personalized digital profiles that immediately attract and engage visitors, with setup times as short as 24 hours.

Offer Affordable Access:

Starting at just 1$/Day our digital entry is feasible for every budget.

Ensure Rapid Deployment:

Set up digital profiles quickly and maximize operations without delay.

Expand Market Reach:

Everything in your customer’s hands & what you need. Increase visibility to attract a broader audience for spiraling growth and customer interaction.

Event Digitalization

Transform Event Materials Digitally

Convert traditional event pamphlets into accessible digital formats using QR codes.

Promote Eco-Friendly Solutions:

Minimize paper usage to support sustainability initiatives.

Provide Real-Time Updates:

Easily modify event details to keep attendees timely notified.

Improve Attendee Experience:

Enhance convenience and accessibility through well-designed digital interfaces that improve user engagement at events.

Product Information Hosting

Deliver Detailed Product Descriptions

Using multimedia formats, produce rich digital content that boosts consumer understanding and drives sales.

Incorporate QR Code Integration:

Enable instant access to detailed product information.


Reduce Costs Efficiently:

Cut the need for physical marketing materials, lowering overhead expenses.

Maintain 24/7 Availability:

Ensure product information is accessible anytime and from anywhere.

Digital User Manuals

Supply Accessible Guides

Provide user manuals digitally through QR codes, removing the need for physical copies.

Enhance User Convenience:

Facilitate easy access and usability of manuals, heightening customer satisfaction.


Allow Flexible Updates:

Quickly adapt manuals to reflect new product features without the need for reprinting.

Conserve Resources:

Save significantly on printing and distribution costs to support a sustainable business approach.

WiFi Password Sharing via QR Code

Simplify Network Access

Provide your customers with hassle-free WiFi access by displaying a QR code they can scan to connect automatically

Enhance Security:

Keep your WiFi password secure and undisclosed by using QR codes, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.


Customizable Display Options:

Tailor the design of your WiFi QR codes just as you please.

User Analytics:

Gain insights into WiFi usage patterns and user engagement through advanced analytics of QR code scans.

QR Code Integration into Custom Applications

Continuous App Functionality

Enhance your custom applications with QR codes that link to additional resources, services, or promotional content.

Dynamic Content Updates:

Update the linked content without the need to adjust the QR code itself, keeping your app up-to-date with minimal effort.


User Engagement Tools:

Use QR codes within apps to unlock new levels of interaction, such as access to exclusive content, special offers, or interactive features.


Cross-Platform Compatibility:

Ensure that QR codes function across all mobile platforms, enhancing the user experience regardless of device type.

Why Choose Us?

Facilitate Pain-Free Digital Transition

Address the costs and environmental impacts of traditional printing with cost-effective, sustainable digital alternatives.

Customize to Meet Specific Needs:

Adapt our services to fulfill the unique goals and requirements of each client.


Understand and Integrate Local Insights Globally:

While operating globally, we finely tune services to meet specific local needs, especially in rapidly growing Indian markets and over the Globe.

Make Your Presence Paperless @ $1/Day

Ready to digitize? Activate your custom QR code today and simplify your business operations!

Stop wasting money on printed materials! ThingsandInfo lets you create a digital hub for your business or personal brand for as low as $1/day. Share information, showcase products, or promote events – all online and eco-friendly.