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Print Less but Share More by Going Digital with US!

Create Big Impact at Low Cost with Your Personal URLs |

Spread information in a greener way by minimizing your paper use and maximizing your reach online. Utilize personalized QR codes to deliver content affordably. Let us transform your communication into an eco-friendly yet highly impactful journey.

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Scan and Share in No Time

Make Your Details Instantly
Accessible with QR code Magic

1. Select Your Content

Choose the type of material you want to share, such as web pages, PDFs, menus, videos, or apps.

2. Activate Your Code

Make a payment to activate a customized QR code.

3. Share Your QR Code

Distribute the QR code across your preferred platforms to engage your audience instantly.

Employ Smart QR Solutions

The Future of Sharing is Fast, Digital & Direct

ThingsandInfo aims to modernize how information is shared using QR codes. We claim to digitize your content, making it easier to distribute. So help us reduce the paper, labels use while staying connected with your audience – no matter where they are.

Choose simplicity and sustainability through the super solution of QR code services.

Digital Transition
for Businesses

Evolve from using traditional print to a dynamic online presence, broadening the market reach.

  • Create unique digital profiles and branding.
  • Economical options for your budget constraints.
  • Designed to accommodate business growth digitally.
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Event Digitalization

Convert event materials to digital formats hosting with QR codes, reducing environmental impact.

  • Replace paper with digital copies.
  • Distribute information effortlessly.
  • Easily update details as events evolve.
  • Make event info easy to access.
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Product Information

The detailed digital descriptions and visuals will boost how engaged your consumers are.

  • Make your products highly visible online.
  • Save money by going digital.
  • Keep product information available 24/7.
  • Get customers excited with interactive content.
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Digital User Manuals

Make customer support easier with digital manuals, saving money on logistics and helping users understand better.

  • Cut down on the use of paper.
  • Ensure manuals are user-friendly, dynamic and captivating.
  • Quickly revise manuals without physical reprints.
  • Access manuals instantly with QR codes.
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QR Integration into
Custom Application

Enhance your custom apps with QR code integration, facilitating interaction with essential business functions.

  • Use QR codes for easy entry to your apps from any mobile device.
  • Link QR codes to app features like promotions or user manuals.
  • Improve user experience by allowing quick access to key app functions.
  • Create dynamic QR codes for multiple uses, making your apps adaptive.
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WiFi Password

Make sharing WiFi access to your clients or guests easy with secure QR codes.

  • Keep passwords private while granting network access.
  • Allow quick WiFi connection with a simple scan.
  • Use in various settings like cafes or events.
  • Skip manual password entry for smoother access.

Create Your Own QR

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Go From Paper to Pixel

Starting as Low as $0.50/Day

Build your brand without using paper. Get a professional online presence for less than your morning coffee. Whether you’re a small business, an entrepreneur, or an individual looking to establish a digital footprint, we know just how to elevate your online visibility.

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